Case Studies

  • Powerful Electronic Forms Generator

  • Dispatch EAM or Custom Work Orders


  • Continuous Operation – Connected or Disconnected

  • EAM (Infor, Lucity, Maximo) and Esri GIS Assets in a Single Mobile Platform

For the Field

While in the field, mobile staff have a need to access enterprise data to retrieve and complete tasks.  GeoKNX® Mobile makes the job of documenting field work fast, allowing the mobile worker to focus on the job itself.


  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Eliminate paper
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Field users only see the data they need
  • Fast system response – no delays waiting for data


  • GIS base map with selected features and assigned tasks
  • EAM and Esri GIS assets in a single mobile platform
    • Create, edit, complete work orders and service requests
    • Access, edit and create GIS assets
  • Continuous operation: connected or disconnected

For the Office

In the office, managers have a need to see what is happening in the field in order to efficiently schedule and dispatch work.  Operational managers are able to see the location of distributed assets, the location of the field workforce, and the open work activities.  This information enables managers to make informed decisions when reacting to time sensitive incidents.


  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Real-time visibility of crew location
  • Turn any paper form into a work activity
  • Create work activities against GIS features
  • Visually dispatch work activities to the field


  • Create custom forms tailored to the unique needs of the workflow
  • View field workforce on the map
  • Dispatch EAM generated work orders to field workforce
  • GIS base map with selected features and assigned tasks

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