Most work management systems simply display work activities in a list with no spatial context. As a result, work assignment is not done efficiently. Also, when emergency works need to be performed the dispatching officer has to radio or call multiple field workers to determine who is closest to the work site.  As a result, work is inefficient, costly, and leaves dissatisfied customers.

GeoKNX is the answer. Dispatching officers can see the current position of the field workforce, the status and location of work activities all on the same GIS map containing their distributed assets. Work is assigned quickly and efficiently with the click of a button. The work is immediately delivered to the assigned worker best positioned to perform the work.

GeoKNX Works is fully compatible with multiple enterprise asset management systems such as Infor Hansen, IBM Maximo, and Lucity, allowing work orders and service requests created in these systems to be displayed on the map containing your distributed assets.

One of the most valuable features is the ability to define custom activities using a powerful forms generator to turn any paper form into a digital equivalent. Custom activities can be used in conjunction with GIS feature editing or EAM work activities to completely eliminate paper forms from your field workflows.

GeoKNX Mobile

GeoKNX Mobile extends enterprise Esri GIS maps and EAM (Infor, Lucity, and Maximo) or custom forms to the employees in the field through a single intuitive mobile application.  GeoKNX Mobile supports and automates location-based field business activities such as map navigation, asset location, field data collection, condition updates, work order processing, and customer service response. Running on Windows based platforms, GeoKNX Mobile easily integrates into existing IT support infrastructures, eliminating the frustration of supporting multiple operating systems.  In the field, GeoKNX is optimized for modern touch tablet interfaces or traditional laptop applications.  Entering data is simplified through the integration of peripheral devices such as barcode scanners and GPS receivers. In many applications connectivity is a challenge.  Mobile data plans add cost and complexity and in many field locations access is not available.  With GeoKNX, connectivity is not an issue.  Disconnected operation is no different than connected for the employee in the field.  If connectivity is not an option in the field, simply connect to the office directly or through WiFi to receive all the work activities for the day.  Process the work orders while in the field with complete access to maps and asset data.  If additional work is identified, create work orders in the field.  Sync anytime and all the processed work is automatically updated in the EAM. Depending on the needs of the employees in the field, GeoKNX Mobile is configurable with different components for different types of workflows.

  • GoMap!:  The core of GeoKNX Mobile providing field employees access to the enterprise smart maps including logic, standard corporate symbology, and map views.
  • GoCollect!: Collect geometry and attribute data and capture condition updates on geodatabase assets.
    • Improve asset map accuracy
    • Keep GIS data current
  • GoWork!: Delivers full EAM work orders or custom forms to employees in the field.
    • Display, edit, complete  work orders or custom activities
    • Assign labor and materials to work orders
    • Reassign work orders
    • View safety plans, procedures, or hazards associated with a work order or custom activity
  • GoRespond!: Delivers full EAM service request functionality to employees in the field.
    • Quickly receive or create service request
    • Turn service requests into work orders with minimal data entry

GeoKNX Works

At the heart of the GeoKNX solution is a powerful and flexible forms engine that can be configured to represent any data structure ranging from simple work orders to complex asset condition assessments. Data structures are referred to as activities. A unique aspect of an activity is that it is always associated with a spatial context, which could be an address, asset location, or specific point geometry.  Activities can be created in the office or in the field using Mobile.  GeoKNX Server ensures that activities are synchronized between the mobile device and the office. Operational managers are able to schedule and dispatch work activities to their field workforce using a single view that overlays key information sources such as:

  • Location of distributed assets
  • Current position of the field workforce
  • Open work activities

GeoKNX Works provides you with the ability to react in a timely and efficient manner to emergency situations that require immediate attention.

The key components are:

  • GIS Map: Display distributed assets grouped into feature layers
  • Worker Location: Display the location of field workers
  • Activity Manager: Query, display, update or create activities
  • Visual Dispatcher: Spatially assign activities to workers

 GeoKNX Server

GeoKNX Server is the communications hub of GeoKNX Mobile in the field.  GeoKNX Server supplies two key functions.  First, it acts as a hub and liaison between the EAM system, Esri GIS, and the other components of the GeoKNX suite ensuring all data is synchronized properly.  Second, GeoKNX Server has an administrative application to configure the appearance of work order and service request forms on the mobile device.  The administrative tools also select data from the EAM database that will be available to the mobile device, so field users only have the data they need.  In addition, Server is used to define default values in the field, and also define how data entry forms change based on data entry on prior forms.

 GeoKNX Spatial

GeoKNX Spatial is a tool to allow the GIS Administrator to review GIS asset data updates from the GeoKNX Mobile user prior to acceptance.  Another component of this tool lets the administrator select and optionally further refine what GIS data is seen and/or editable by individual mobile field staff.